Canson Cutie - White Witch (rough)

White Witch © DC Comics

I have been commissioned to do five Canson pieces featuring Legionnaires from the Curt Swan/Adventure Comics era. Yeah, I jumped all over that one. :) Above are the sketch ideas for the White Witch. I don't know if any of these ideas will be used, but it is a jumping off point.

In other news, earlier today I finished the first round art for a large project. It's not due until tomorrow but I like being ahead of schedule. Tomorrow morning I will give it one more look and send it to all of the people that need to see it. Then I will be out of town discussing the art in person on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since I will be flying I will have to choose between the nude photo booth or getting felt up. Friendly skies, eh? ;)

And lastly I had a bit of a scare. I went to my site and it wasn't there. Just a parked under construction page. Seems my domain registrar was using an email address I haven't used in about 10 years to notify me that my fees were due. It's pretty dumb because when I logged on to their site, my account information is up to date with my Florida contact info. I quickly paid the renew fee, contacted them and managed to get the site back up in a few hours. I know there are several other people that would like to have that domain and I'm lucky no one noticed it was available over the last five days. So my original site is back up and running and all is well. Except that I need to change registrars and need to do it soon.

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