Silver Surfer & Deadpool - Commission

Silver Surfer & Deadpool © Marvel Entertainment

This piece was finished early last week but I held off posting it here until I was given the okay. This was commissioned by Paul as a gift and it wouldn't do well for the person getting it to see it here first. These two characters are his favorites so Paul asked for a piece featuring both. If you would like to see how Paul colored my line art, check it out here. He did a really nice job on it.

And just for fun, below are the three ideas I had for this piece. Thanks for the commission Paul! I'm glad the gift was well received!

That was the last commission on my list. Seems strange too, having no list. I have tried really hard to stay on top of my list so no one has to wait too long. I've heard some horror stories about artists, commissions, delays, excuses, etc. and I really don't want to be one of those stories. :)

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