The Flying Nun - Rough

The Flying Nun © Sony Pictures

Another suggestion from Royce. You can tell how old we are by the shows he suggested and the fact I remember them fondly. I sketched this today but it looks like I will not get to the color yet. Too much work to do tonight. Oy!

I remember watching Sally Field starring as Sister Bertrille on the tv show THE FLYING NUN. She starred as a novice nun in Puerto Rico who could fly because of the aerodynamic nature of the heavily starched cornette she wore on her head and she weighed 90lbs. When she explained her ability to fly as "When lift plus thrust is greater than load plus drag, anything can fly", I believed it. But hey, I was 4 years old when the show started and 7 when it ended. One of the cool supporting characters on the show was Carlos Ramirez (played by Alejandro Rey). Carlos was a ladies man, a casino owner and the only one I knew of on television that shared my (middle) name. Except back then it was my first name. Well, legally I didn't have a first or middle name until I was 13. But I digress. I hope to add some color to this tomorrow.

And let's take a moment to wish Little John a speedy recovery. It was a Little John vs. The Ice grudge rematch today and the ice won again. Get well soon John!

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