Happy New Year!

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

Happiness is a warm silencer.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has recovered. We had a quiet evening ourselves. Stayed up for the ball to drop and then went to bed. I was up at 6:30 to finish up the job I have been working on for the last few weeks. Got it done by noon today and then ran all around town with my lovely wife. I felt a great deal of relief finishing that work and beating the deadline by a couple of days.

So here we are again with another year gone. What was once my experiment to see if I could post for one year, every day, is now entering it's fourth year. I haven't added up the days yet but it's a lot. I had hoped to do something special or at least something of a finished piece to mark this 3 year anniversary, but my workload would only permit sketchy stuff with some color tossed in. It's tough because I have completed a great deal of work and I cannot share it. At least not for a while. But I will try to have some finished pieces done soon. I still have 4 more Canson Cuties on my list, and I will be starting one tomorrow and finishing the rest during this month.

I have some fun stuff that I am working on in my spare time. Yeah, my spare time. When I have enough "in the can", I will announce something. Probably sometime in February. Convention season is coming up and that means con sketches and maybe some Conventionless Convention Sketches. Also I am working on a new sketchbook for 2011. Like I said, fun stuff.

Thanks again everyone. For all the support, kind words and bad puns (you know who you are). I couldn't continue to do this blog without you. Happy 2011!

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