Deena's Ink Part 1

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales 

Just a quick break from Conventionless Convention Sketches tonight. I worked on two of them and managed to not finish either of them. But the pencils are finished so that's progress.

Above is another project I am working on. This is the first of a few designs I am doing for my lovely wife Deena. She has been wanting a new tattoo for some time and wants me to create the art. We worked out what she wants and here is a sketch of the first design. The tattoo will be on her lower back (yes, we all know what they call a tattoo on the lower back. :) ) and the center will be a lotus and fairy. More wispy elements will be added but the important part is the center image. Once that is nailed down the rest will follow pretty easily. She wanted to share and so here is design #1.

Back to the Conventionless Convention Sketches tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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