Modesty Blaise - Conventionless Convention Sketch #9

Modesty Blaise © Associated Newspaper/Atlantic Syndication

Steven's Conventionless Convention Sketch request is Modesty Blaise. I have only drawn her once before and at the time I had not read any of the strips. This time around, I have. I recently started reading the collected strips that were published in book form by Titan Books. If you have not read Modesty, I recommend you check it out. These are some great action/adventure/spy/crime/etc. stories. Created and written by Peter O'Donnell and art by Jim Holdaway, this is some great stuff. When I started working on this piece I knew I had to have Willie Garvin, Modesty's trusted right-hand man, in the shot. So that is Willie's profile behind her. Always watching her back.

Thanks Steven for the commission.

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