Saturn Girl 2 - Pittsburgh ComiCon Advance Sketch

Saturn Girl © DC Comics

We have Saturn Girl making another appearance on my Pittsburgh ComicCon Advance Sketch List. This one is for Anthony and this time Saturn Girl is in her pink "bikini" outfit from the 1970s. I will not presume to say who designed this costume. Learned my lesson. :) Thanks again Anthony. I hope she is a welcome addition to your collection.

This was done in ink on an 11" x 17" sheet of bristol board.

Now for the update...


Riddler (Female version) Canson Cutie

On Deck (in various stages of completion):

Dani Moonstar as a valkyrie - Canson Cutie
Psylocke (British version) - Canson Cutie
Enchantress - Canson Cutie

There are two more Canson Cuties after that and one more painting. Still time to get on the list.

And the beat goes on. Have a good weekend everyone!

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