HeroesCon 2011 - Post Con 1

As in years past I have more sketches than I can possibly post during a convention. So here we are with the first of the post con posts. :)

First up is Li'l Frankie Castle. This came about when Sam saw my Li'l Etrigan and Li'l Creeper and said that the Punisher would be a fun one. Then I said "Yeah, with uzi water pistols".  And we were off. 

Next up is Kim Possible and Shego for Joe.

This is Dave's jam piece that he had me draw Sandman and layout the rest for other artists to contribute. I used the Giant Size X-Men #1 as my inspiration. Though I did Sandman (and the layout) at MegaCon 2010, I did add the ripped paper art below Spider-Man at HeroesCon 2011. :) Dave had the piece finished at this show and I thought I would share it here.

All characters are © their respective owners.

I do not watch the Venture Bros. cartoons so I am not really familiar with this character. But doing cheesecake doesn't necessarily require familiarity. This is Dr. Mrs. The Monarch for Chris.

There will be more posts as scans are sent to me. And I hope that Chris and Toni, who commissioned a Daughters of the Dragon piece, see this blog and send me a scan of the art. I was so happy with that piece but my photo is total garbage. I also neglected to take a picture of the Barbara Gordon Batgirl painting I did for the auction. Oy.

The convention was a blast. It was nice having a few extra chairs handy so that folks like Big Pat, Little Pat, Little John, Patwicia, Lan, and many others could sit with me and chat. And provide much needed breaks for me by watching my table. Little John and Royce (with the help of Craig) managed to pull an excellent prank on me too. So there was good times all around. Everyone here should start making plans for HeroesCon 2012! And I mean, everyone. (That means you too Spazzy!)

More tomorrow!

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