Sivana - Worlds Wickedest Scientist

Shazam/Captain Marvel/Sivana © DC Comics

This started off as a sketch of Captain Marvel villain, Doctor Sivana, in my sketchbook. Then I thought I would ink it on bristol board, so I enlarged it and light boxed it to the 11" x 17" board. I decided to add the good Captain and the ray gun. Then noticed that the big shadow that was filling the top right would be a good place for logos. So a bit of scanning and light boxing again and I had the logos penciled in. But what about the issue number? Thanks to a Google search I found that #35 was the last published issue of SHAZAM and that it was bi-monthly. So this is now the pencils for the "lost" issue of SHAZAM #36, (Aug). Inks? Maybe later. Hope you enjoy this!

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