Sketchbook Friday - The Joker

The Joker © DC Comics

After yesterday's Batman, this was a natural.

Today was to be a deadline on a project but last night (the client is in Los Angeles) I got an email that we would be extending that deadline to Tuesday. No one was going to be in the office today so I decided to take the day off too. I still have a few hours to put into the project, but I will finish it tomorrow while Deena is running errands. It was nice to just relax today, have some lunch with my lovely wife and wander around a mall in Tampa. A beautiful sunny day off in Florida. What more could you ask?

Today marks the unofficial anniversary of my blog. Sunday being the official day. I will post about that on Sunday. Reflect a bit and of course post some art.

This piece was done with ink, Copic markers, and white Prismacolor pencil.

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