Damian Wayne (Robin) - Sketchbook Pro 6 Test

Damian (Robin) Wayne © DC Comics

I love computer stuff. And gadgets and software. I'm always wanting to find the next art tool/supply that will do everything I want it to. Which brings me to today's post.

Autodesk released a new version of Sketchbook Pro. Version 6, to be exact. I read a few things about it online and found that most people like the new interface. Honestly, I hated the old one. It wasn't very intuitive and I found myself getting bog down just trying to make something simple happen.

I downloaded the 15-day trial version of the app to see if it really is different. After playing around a bit, I found it is different. It's much better. Still a bit clunky around the edges but I managed to open it and start right out with some sketching. Making custom brushes and a bunch of other things. I recorded the first real sketch I did in the app. I will keep playing with it over the next several days and I may just plunk down the $30 bucks for it. Yeah, only $30. I do have to say that it is really cool of Autodesk to have a full version 15 day trial available. Very cool, indeed.

Today's post was done in Sketchbook Pro 6 and recorded with Quicktime.

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