Ralph and Sue Dibny - Work in Progress

Ralph and Sue Dibny © DC Comics

Blocked in some colors for our favorite couple. Sorry there has been such a delay in progress. It's one of those projects that isn't for anyone but me and I tend to put my projects last if I have time. I did capture the progress again and will make the video available soon.

So I got the iPhone 5 on Friday. Yes, I love it. I had the iPhone 4, skipping the 4S so this was a nice bump up for me. Deena got her too, thankfully. She was a bit more obsessive about it than I. :) One new fun function is a panorama feature to the camera. Yes, there are apps that do this, I know. Not here to argue the merits of any of them. I just think this is fun. I snapped this photo of my studio in full mess glory. I added some notes about some of the stuff there. The photo is pretty big so you may see things I didn't tag. All fun.

© 2012 Gene Gonzales

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