Conventionless Convention Sketch List

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Conventionless Convention Sketches. Below is the list of what you can expect to see over the next 31 days, and even more in January. In no particular order...

Venus (Agent of Atlas), Sarafina (Golden Compass), TBA character, TBA character, Amp Girl (LSH), Retro (LSH), Mwindji (LSH), Otaki (LSH), Big guy with beard (LSH), Green girl speedster (LSH), TBA Legionnaire, TBA, Legionnaire, Celsius (Doom Patrol), Duela Dent, Namorita, Golden Girl (Invanders), Betty Cooper as Super Teen, Sandra Benes (Space: 1999), Gory Fangtell (Monster High), Scottish Lass pin-up, Kid Phycho (LSH), Lana Lang as The Insect Queen, Mysterio, Black Cat, Big Barda, Goblin Queen, Jessica Rabbit (as Josie from the Pussycats), Wonder Woman, Big Barda, Catwoman (GA version), The Shadow, Moon Knight, Madame Hydra, Roger (Five Swell Guys Science Team), Black Canary, Phantom Lady, Pin-up girl with pig tails, Roxy (Gen13), Rogue, Pin-up girl in Chinese Cheongsam dress, Catwoman (GA version), and TBA anime character.

The TBA (To Be Announced) listings are situations where I have been given a list of characters to choose from and I haven't made up my mind yet or I haven't received the request. Either way it will be a surprise to all. :)

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