Happy 75th Birthday Superman & Lois Lane!

You have your Batman camps, and your Superman camps. I stand tall in the Superman side. Always my favorite character and favorite supporting cast. 

This is the closest I have ever come to drawing Superman. A few years back I was one of several artists that worked on a cover project for DC Comics. The process was to recreate a series of covers in Adobe Illustrator. These vector files could be used for merchandising, marketing, etc. As the list of covers grew, I was always on the look out for some really classic ones, and I think Action Comics #1 is about a classic as you can get. The start of it all.

© DC Comics

And just for fun I am posting another one I recreated from the Silver Age. And yes, all that copy had to be recreated as well. I really miss doing this work. By studying and recreating their work, I gained a brand new appreciation for so many of the golden age and silver age artist.

© DC Comics

Artwork created in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

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