ZATANNA - HeroesCon Advance Sketch

Zatanna © DC Comics

I will try to share more pieces from HeroesCon 2012 over the next few days while I catch up with a sketch card set and other work. If I did a piece for you at the show, please send me a scan or good photo so I can share it here. I was a bit off my game at the show and forgot to take photos of the pieces I did. Oy.

First up is a Zatanna Canson Cutie. I haven't done too many of these lately and managed to line up two for the show of Zatanna. This one was done for Joe. Thanks Joe!

Mixed media on 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

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Erza Scarlet - MegaCon 2012 Canson Cutie

Artwork © 2012 Gene Gonzales

This commission of Erza Scarlet is for Patrick. This is another late, and last MegaCon commission. I am very lucky for everyone's patience with these. I am not familiar with this character but gave it my best shot. I hope you like her Patrick, thanks!

Mixed media on 11" x 17" Sky Blue Canson Mi-Teintes Paper.

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Scarlet Witch & The Enchantress - Canson Cuties

Characters © Marvel Entertainment

I won't be making it to MegaCon after all. I tried as hard as I could to get things in line for it but a new project started last Friday and will keep me busy for the next few weeks. It started off as a sprint but by next week the pace will slow quite a bit. That's doesn't work well for a convention right in the middle of that sprint. It didn't work well for the 2-Point Perspective Blog this week either. But you do what you gotta do.

The above piece was commissioned by Tim for MegaCon. Fun to do a Canson Cutie(s) again. Thanks Tim!

This is ink and color pencil on Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

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Starfire - Canson Cutie

Starfire © DC Comics

This is the first time I have drawn the new Starfire's uniform/costume. Actually this is the first of the DCnU characters I have drawn. I think. I had started sketching this out when I decided to do it as a Canson Cutie. I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out.

This is mix media on 11" x 17" orange Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

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Cheetara - Canson Cutie

Art © 2012 Gene Gonzales

In response to my request for post suggestions on Twitter a few days ago, Karen chimed in with Cheetara. Seems that she and some friends were watching ThunderCats when they saw my post. I have never drawn Cheetara or watched ThunderCats, so since this is a first, I gave her the full treatment as a Canson Cutie. Thanks for the suggestion Karen!

This is ink on 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes Paper.

Update: This piece is currently on Ebay and ends Jan. 16. (Link)

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Canson Cutie: Xanadu - Kira (Olivia Newton-John)

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

Let me start off by saying I am a fan of Olivia Newton-John. There. I said it. As a matter of fact, my first concert ever was seeing her at the beautiful outdoor Greek Theater in Los Angeles on August 27th 1976. I was 13. England Dan and John Ford Coley ("I'd really love to see you tonight") opened for her. My mom dropped me and my friend off at the Greek, by ourselves and when the show was over, she came and got us. Fighting all that traffic to get back to the Greek had to have been fun. In the pre-decades of cell phones, she just had to guess when the show would end. We almost had a chance at going backstage and meeting Olivia. At a side door, there was a man who was picking random people from the crowd there to come backstage. We weren't picked. Probably jumping up and down waving my hand and my ONJ scrapbook might have discouraged him from picking me. Anyway, it was a very memorable night and it has stayed with me all these years. (Her opening song was "The Air That I Breathe").

Which in a long way brings me around to this piece. See Little John is a fan of Olivia Newton-John as well. Something that came up at HeroesCon I believe. Well, us ONJ fans have to stick together. So John has wanted a piece featuring ONJ in her role as Kira in the musical Xanadu and who better to get it from than another ONJ fan. He selected the cowgirl costume she wears near the end of the film and we were off. Now this was a tough piece to do. There are no good references on the internet. Thankfully NetFlix has the movie and I watched it and made screen shots to get some kind of idea how the outfit works. Bad thing is, all the shots are blurry because she is too busy dancing and not standing still. But I think it worked out.

Thanks Little John, I hope I did Olivia justice. :)

Mixed media on 11" x 17" purple Canson Paper.

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Shanna the She Devil - Canson Cutie

Shanna © Marvel Entertainment

I haven't done a Canson Cutie in a while so when Alex contacted me to commission one as a gift, I was more than happy to dig out the color pencils and have at it. Shanna is the subject for this one. I love drawing jungle girls and when Alex told me to go all out with the background and to add animals, it just made the whole project sweeter. Thanks for the commission Alex, I'm glad that Royd likes his gift. Shanna will be winging her way Down Under on Tuesday.

This piece was done in ink, color pencil and some acrylic on an 11x17 sheet of green Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

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The Enchantress - Pittsburgh ComiCon Advance Sketch

The Enchantress © Marvel Entertainment

This Canson Cutie was commissioned by Tim. I always dig drawing this costume so this was a lot of fun. Thanks Tim.

Pittsburgh ComiCon tomorrow! WooHoo! I am flying in tomorrow and I will be a couple of hours late for the start of the show. Though my flight gets in before the start time of 1pm, I will still have to get the rental car and do the long drive from the airport to Monroeville, the actual location of the show. They did not locate that airport anywhere near, well, anything. But it's a pretty drive, no doubt about that.

I have finished my advance sketch list so all the art can be picked up when I get there. Also I will be starting a fresh sketch list at the show.  I will be doing 11" x 17" figures inked and 9" x 12" inked head sketches. No color work at the show, sorry. I will be sitting next to Joe Pekar so if there is a table next to him that is empty, it's probably mine. :)

Please check this blog, my Twitter account and my Posterous site for updates of artwork and other travel/convention related posts.

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The Bat & The Cat (rough) - Pittsburgh ComiCon Advance Sketch

Batman & Catwoman © DC Comics

I have had a very full day of work, as well as finishing a Canson Cutie of the Enchantress, a painting of Psylocke and the rough idea for Brian "Batmite" Jone's Canson piece featuring you know who and you know the other who. But I still would have nothing to show here if it wasn't for Brian giving me the okay to share this rough. You will see more of this piece very, very soon. Thanks for the save Brian!

Okay, back to work!

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Psylocke - Pittsburgh ComiCon Advance Sketch

Psylocke © Marvel Entertainment

This Cason Cutie of Psylocke is for Gary Miller. He wanted the earlier version of Betsy Braddock and I was happy to do it. I cannot recall ever drawing this costume but I have always liked it. Thanks for the commission Gary.

Also, I had found out today is Gary's birthday. Even though this piece was finished yesterday, I thought I would fun to post this today. Happy birthday Gary!

More Canson Cuties to come.

This piece was done in  mixed media on an 11" x 17" sheet of orchid Mi-Tentes Canson Paper.

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Dani Moonstar - Pittsburgh ComiCon Advance Sketch

Dani Moonstar © Marvel Entertainment

How about another Canson Cutie for a Saturday afternoon?

This one is for Carlos. He requested Dani Moonstar in her valkyrie persona and I was happy to do it. Carlos also gave the go ahead to share early. Thanks for the commission Carlos. Your higher resolution scan has been sent.

This piece was done in mixed media on an 11" x 17" sheet of hemp Mi-Teintes Canson Paper.

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The Riddler? - Pittsburgh ComiCon Advance Sketch

The Riddler © DC Comics

Here is the first of the Canson Cutie requests for the convention. This was done for Matthew. I am really happy how this came out. Thanks again Matthew!

Canson Cuties will be on my mind for the next few days. I will be finishing two more pieces today. The British version of Psylocke and Dani Moonstar. Both are inked and ready for color. Enchantress will be after that. Okay, back to work!

This piece was done in mixed media on an 11" x 17" sheet of green Mi-Teintes Canson paper.

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Canson Cutie - Purple Bangs

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

This is a finish of one of the cover rough ideas I showed a couple of days ago. I like how the color came out but the face is way of model for my assassin. I don't know what happened other than I might have rushed it. Still it was interesting working on a headshot that big. Subtle color changes and blends were easier to achieve with this piece because of the size. Maybe I will do more in the future.

Oh, today's title is came to me when trying to use the word "Purple". I went right to Prince's "Purple Rain". Now that song will be stuck in your head. My work here is done. :)

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Canson Cutie - Sketchbook Cover?

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

I finished this up today. I didn't expect to do that, but I was having such a good time I just kept working. I'm not sure this will be the front cover for the sketchbook. None of the design ideas I had for the cover worked with the image. But then I was pretty tired and had a headache when I was designing the cover so that might be a factor in why I wasn't really happy with anything. Still, I will start fresh tomorrow and I may just do another piece. This will be either on the front or the back, but it will be part of the book. :)

This was done on an 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes board with ink, acrylics and color pencils. If you would like to see some of the progress pictures I took and put on Twitter today, you can go here.

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Canson Cutie - Sketchbook Cover Rough

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

This is the rough for the all new image I am creating for the sketchbook of Canson paper pin-ups. I am planning to title this book "The Art of Gene Gonzales, Volume 2 - Canson Cuties, Heroes & Villains". Kind of long but it will work. :)

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Shadow Lass - Canson Cutie

Shadow Lass © DC Comics

Today was extremely productive. I finished up a batch of illustrations that needed to be done and jumped back on this piece. I was looking forward to rendering the light blue skin on the dark blue paper. And I'm happy with the results. This is the last Legion Canson Cutie. Thanks again to Michael for these five commissions. They were a lot of fun and it's always a blast to draw the Legionnaires.

This was done in ink, color pencils, and a bit of fluid acrylics on a sheet of 11" x 17" Royal Blue Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

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