Champagne - Manga Studio

More doodling with Manga Studio tonight. Just playing with the brushes again. This time I did a screen shot so you can see the construction lines. I start with a rough sketch in blue pencil on one layer. Then I red pencil on the next layer to tighten it up and then finally inks on another layer. I was thinking she was on a yacht, enjoying her champagne and sun. And the big rock on her hand too. :)

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Sundress - Manga Studio inks

This evening I decided to play with MangaStudio some more. So after I quit working for the night, I opened up the program and started sketching the above image. There are so many things wrong with the figure itself, but I was concentrating more on using the brush tool. It's interesting that you can set the preference of the brush tool to taper off at either or both ends. You can even set it so neither side tapers off to a point. After playing with the settings I found that all my years of using a brush to ink and working with a pressure sensitive tablet, I can control the thick and thin lines myself. No need for the program to try and figure out what I want. Still some practicing to do, but the tools are very nice and they make drawing in the program very easy.

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Dr. Eville

Dr. Eville ©2010 Captain Action Enterprises. All Rights Reserved.

I think I used up my quota of words for the week yesterday. I will keep it short today. I have a BIG deadline looming and no sleep in sight tonight, so I will just say that this is Dr. Eville, villain to the heroic Captain Action. This panel was drawn in Manga Studio.

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Sally Volt - Manga Studio Practice

I thought I would show some screen grabs of my desktop while running Manga Studio. The program has some really cool features for creating comic book pages. Right now though, I am just learning about the drawing tools and other functions. I figured I would draw Sally for this practice. The tools are really very nice. Some nice brushes, pens, and various pencils. I can get a pretty nice pencil look to the art with this. I do have a feeling that the production side of the program will be the thing that really makes it stand out.

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