Robin (Damian Wayne)

Robin © DC Comics

This is the first time I have drawn Damian Wayne, aka Robin. I don't read the books but from looking at the previews and covers, he seems like a well adjusted, overall nice kid with terrific manners. Sort of a, dare I say, role model. Does that sum it up? ;)

Actually, he reminds me of a male Hit Girl. Not sure who came first but again, I don't read the books.

This was done in ink and Copic Markers on a 9" x 12" Canson Mi-Teintes board. I had to shoot this with my iPhone in order to get something close to the paper color. My scanner was way off with the subtle tan color board and I couldn't correct enough in Photoshop.

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Batgirl © DC Comics

Just an ink and marker doodle of James Gordon's favorite heroine. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Sketchbook Monday - Bad Octopus

Art © 2012 Gene Gonzales

Just trying out some ideas today. This was done in my sketchbook during a few breaks in the day. It was a pretty full work day for me. Getting things done and out of the way. And I still need to put in some paperwork tonight though. End of the year and all that stuff. And finish reading a script.

You might notice at the top of this blog, there is now an "Art for Sale" tab. I have added another page to this blog to sale art. (Hence the tab naming). Right now I have two items listed on ebay. If you are interested in either piece, give the link a click and it will take you to the listing. I will be putting up more pieces for sale and/or auction over the next couple of weeks. We shall see how it goes. I haven't auctioned anything on ebay in a long time and not really sure how the response will be. Nothing ventured and all that.

This bad little octopus was done in my sketchbook with ink, Copic markers and white gel pen.

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Canson Cutie Doodle

Art © 2011 Gene Gonzales

Today I finished the last (hopefully) revisions for the Health Department job and I only have time for a doodle before I take a quick nap. Got some New Years celebrating to do.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year's Eve. I will see you on the other side.

This was done in ink and Copic markers on 9" x 12" Canson paper.

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Sketchbook Wednesday - Black Widow

Black Widow © Marvel Entertainment

I really try not to waste time. When I eat lunch, I tend to doodle. When I am scanning, I draw. So when I had to export a really large file, then compress it, then upload it, I pulled out the sketch pad and started drawing. Never really sure what I am going to come up with is part of the fun. Today, Black Widow just happened by. Just a quick idea I put down in Col-Erase pencil, ink, and Copic Markers on Strathmore Drawing paper. I kinda like it. Though I can see the influence this last weekend had on me as far as clothing material goes. ;)

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Supergirl - Finish

Supergirl © DC Comics

I was going to transfer this drawing to a sheet of bristol board and ink it, but I decided to ink it on the drawing paper I drew it on and add some gray tones with my Prismacolor markers. It's not a way that I normally work, but I like to play around and try things out. Below is a close up of Kara's face.

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Captain America

Captain America © Marvel Entertainment

With Halloween over, the race is on to Christmas. I've been seeing the decorations, in moderation, in various stores for the last couple of weeks, but I bet today they will overwhelm the last bit of space the Halloween items had. On your mark. Get set. Shop!

I thought I would do an early post to kick off the new month. I was playing with the brush pen a bit. I am trying out different papers and drying time on those papers. I will post more about it later. For now I have a Captain America done with the Pentel Brush Pen, a bit of Copic Multiliner, and some gray Copic Markers. This was done on a 11" x 17" sheet of Strathmore Drawing paper.

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Marker Fun

I played with this image for a few minutes to try out my stash of gray markers. Found out they are pretty dried out. Gonna have to get some more for a project.

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Stargirl - Sketch Card

Quick post tonight. Long work day, then saw Avatar 3D at the IMAX theater (we loved it) and now about ready to crash. :) Stargirl was done earlier today with Copic Multi Liners and markers, and white Prismacolor pencil on a Strathmore Sketch Card.

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The Human Bomb - Sketch Card

One of the nice things about following the SUPER DC CALENDAR 1976 is I am drawing some characters I wouldn't have thought to draw before. Today we have the Human Bomb. He wears the suit because contact with his skin on anything will create an explosion. The first time I saw this character was in a Justice League/Justice Society crossover in the 1970s that introduced the Freedom Fighters. The Human Bomb was a member of the Freedom Fighters that occupied Earth-X, a parallel Earth where Nazi Germany won WW2. It was a pretty cool two part story. Later the Freedom Fighters got their own series.

This image done with Copic Multiliners, Markers and white paint.

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Dr. Fate - Sketch Card

According to the SUPER DC CALENDER 1976 today is Kent Nelson, aka, Dr. Fate's birthday. So here is my tribute done in Copic Multi Liners and markers on a Strathmore Sketch Card.

Today has already been very productive: Finished and uploaded a job for DC, three concepts for the Jennifer Mays Canson Cutie sketched, scanned and emailed to Matt, scanned two commissions and packed them up to be shipped to Hungary today, and completed the sketch card for this here post. I will take a break shortly to go to a meet up of the Inkslingers. This is a group of comic book and comic strip artists who live in the Tampa Bay region. They meet up once a month and I was invited for the first time last month. But between my work and the meet up being three days before Christmas, I completely forgot. This time, I set iCal to send me email alarms 4 hours before and 1 hour before the meeting. I will not miss it. This should be fun. I will report on the meet up tomorrow.

When I get back this afternoon, I will have to chain myself to the drawing table. I have 14 illustrations that I need to complete by Monday afternoon. :)

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Kid Flash - Sketch Card

I had said yesterday that I got the inspiration for today's post yesterday but held off for today. :) Once I knew what I would do for today, it helped me to decide what to do for yesterday. The connection is the TEEN TITANS and the reason for Kid Flash is because it is his birthday according to the official SUPER DC CALENDAR 1976 hanging on my wall. I just might start following that calendar from time to time for ideas. Anyone that has the calendar will be able to guess what is coming up on certain days. There are plenty of days that don't have any special meaning so there will be room to do other things here. But for now this could be fun!

In work news, I managed to get some of my commercial work done today and I finished two inked commissions. I had only planned to finish one I had started last weekend, but I got in a groove and started and finished the second one for the same person. This just means I will be working late into the night on my commercial work, but at least that pair is done. Next up on my commission list are two inked pieces for Alex and I need to do some roughs for a Canson Cutie Jennifer Mays for Matt. Hang in there guys, I'm getting there! :)

Have a good weekend folks. You will find me here when I am not working. :)

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Wonder Girl - Sketch Card

Another long day that isn't over yet. I sat down at my computer at 6:15am this morning and with the exception of 45 minutes on the treadmill and dinner, I haven't gotten away from it. I did managed to whip out this sketch card while I ate lunch. I was looking for some kind of inspiration and an idea of tomorrows sketch came to me. So today's card is linked with what I hope to do tomorrow.

I'm about half way though the 35 double page illustrations I am working on that are due next week. I have been buried in those and a couple of other immediate projects. I have commissions to do as well, but luckily everyone is extremely patient and they were all commissioned in December, so they are not too late. I haven't gotten to the point where anyone has been waiting months and months and I don't ever plan to do that. Commissions are typically something I work on in the evenings, after the work day is over. Unfortunately, my work days have become work nights as well. And work weekends. But that won't last much longer and all will be calm and nice. And warm! Today we got over 70°! I had the windows open and was really enjoying the breeze that came through the house. See, things are getting better. :)

Back to work. I've still got a 3-4 more hours to go.

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Solomon Grundy - Sketch Card

I really should have done this one yesterday. :) I decided to do some warm up sketches before digging into one of the projects I am working on. Solomon Grundy became the subject to draw after I was flipping through an old issue of STAR & S.T.R.I.PE that Grundy was in. The first time I saw this character was in a JLA/JSA crossover back in the 70s. JLA 91 was the first part of that tale and the first Justice League comic I bought. I knew most of the JLA heroes but the JSA characters were brand new to me. A very cool first issue to buy as a kid.

This is Copic Multi Liners and Markers on a Strathmore Sketch Card.

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Dagger - Sketch Card

Another busy day and only enough time to do this card. But I am having fun with these. The subjects are random and I have no direction. Nice change from the rest of the day. Though I might start working on a theme with these. Maybe do all the JSA, or JLA, or maybe some "teen team action in the far-flung future". Hmmmmmm. Anyway, this was done with Copic Multi Liners and Markers on a Strathmore Sketch Card.

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Mera - Sketch Card

I have put in a rather long day so just a sketch card for today. I started this earlier today without knowing who it would end up being. For some reason Mera came to mind and so here she is. This was done with Copic Multi Liners and Markers on a Strathmore Sketch Card.

Good night everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend!

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Sketchbook Friday - Scarlet Witch

This was done for fun in my sketchbook with Copic Markers and Multiliners. I wanted to play around with using a dead line for this piece. A dead line is one has little or no variation in thickness and thinness. It can be tough to pull off because if done badly it can kill a piece. Make it flat and uninteresting. But if done well, it can be very cool. I tend to work more with the thick and thin lines but I am always interested in doing something different.

Today I started working at 6:30am and just finished as of this writing at 7pm. Thankfully my commute only involves trying to get around the dogs while going to work in my studio. There have a been a lot of these days this week. I am producing 35 pencil drawings, some are double page spreads for a project I can never share. And I mean "never". It's an interesting situation that I will gladly share if you ask me about it at a convention. At least I will be paid. Deadline looming on that one. Plus, I have my DC work, and some artwork for buddy/writer Kevin Breaux, for which he has been beyond patient. (Map tomorrow Kevin! Really!) A few inked commissions I took on in December that need to be done in January (Got another one done tonight! Woo!), another project for Gemstone Publishing coming up and a bunch of little things that will keep me busy this month. January is a bit nuts, but I am glad to be busy. Really glad.

Now if it would just warm up. We live on the Sun Coast of the Sunshine State and they have called for the chance of snow here this weekend. Here. Snow. I know it won't be anything like up north but come on, when we moved to Florida three years ago, I swear the chance of snow was not in the brochure.

Have a good weekend everyone. Stay warm and stay safe.

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Black Canary - Sketch Card

I thought I would do an early sketch today to warm up. This is Black Canary done in Copic Markers, Multi Liners and some Primacolor pencils on a 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch Strathmore Bristol Board Sketch Card. As you can probably tell I took a different approach to the line art. It's sketchy and looser than I normal draw but it still looks like my style.

I have some cards that are made of watercolor paper instead of Bristol Board. Maybe I will give those a try next.

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