Mary Marvel

Mary Marvel © DC Comics

Things have been a bit hectic around here. I am hip deep in work and also Chapter 3 of Perils On Planet X. But then along comes Mary. She doesn't care how busy I am. She just wants me to draw her. :)

I based this on the version of Mary as done by Bob Oksner. And she is for sale. Just click on the "Art for Sale" tab at the top.

Ink and Copic Markers on 9" x 12" Watercolor Paper.

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Mary Marvel - Work in Progress

Mary Marvel © DC Comics

Looks like we are done with the HeroesCon sketches. For now. I am working on two commissions that I can show and also playing catch up on the 2 Point Perspective blog. This is the first of the two catch up pieces I am working on. Mary will be done in full color and posted over there by Wednesday.

Col-Erase pencil on 9" x12" Strathmore Bristol Board

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