More Legion of Super-Heroes

I am in the middle of some color Legionnaire commissions. Here are two of the recent ones.

Duo Damsel © DC Comics

Mon-El © DC Comics

Sorry about the images. My scanner has never done a decent job with the subtlety of watercolors so I just took quick photos of the images.

I've had a few emails asking about doing a round of commissions for the holidays. I am hoping to announce something along those lines in the next few weeks. I've had a couple work projects going and then I had a big series of jobs drop in my lap that need to be done. Plus I still have a few more Legion paintings that I took on just before the extra, extra work happened. When I have a better idea of my time I will announce something here and on Twitter. Which feeds my Facebook page as well.

Ink and watercolor on 11" x 17" watercolor paper.

Lar Gand (Mon-El) L.E.G.I.O.N. - CCS #12

Lar Gand (Mon-El) © DC Comics

My second Conventionless Convention Sketch post for today features Lar Gand, aka Mon-El, from his days with L.E.G.I.O.N. Anyone that knows me or has followed this blog knows I am a big Legion of Super-Heroes fan, and Mon-El is up there as one of my favorite Legionnaires. This is the first time I have drawn him in this uniform.

2nd of 3 posts for February 20th

Ink on 11" x 17" bristol board

This is Post #2018

Mon-El - Legion of Super-Heroes/Five Years Later

Mon-El © DC Comics

Over the next several days I will be presenting a series of Legionnaires once again commissioned by Michael. The first up is Mon-El. A lot of things have been done to Mon-El through the various reboots, but for me he will always be Superboy's "big brother". It would seem that Mon-El was always an explorer. I remember the first time I read Adventure Comics # 354 featuring Superman visiting the Adult Legion. Superman is being brought up to date on the live's of his friends and finds out that Mon has left the Legion to explore space and to help colonies that are pushing further into deep space. Learning about this, Superman says it was always Mon's dream to explore. Pretty cool story. So that is my inspiration for this piece. Mon-El, Five Years Later is the explorer he wanted to be.

Side note to that story, Mon-El and Shadow Lass were a couple through much of the Legion run. But there wasn't a Shadow Lass in the regular, or younger Legion when this story was published. The cover of Adventure Comics #354 shows Superman walking through a hall of statues of Legionnaires who died in action. One of them is Shadow Woman "who died saving the Science Asteroid". (Though Shadow Woman is shown with caucasian skin color instead of the blue skin Shadow Lass had) One might guess that when Shadow Woman died, Mon left the Legion. None of that was planned back then but putting all this together is the kind of thing that makes the Legion lore so fun. There was a Legion story later published in the 80s I think, that had the event take place where Shadow Woman would die. Caucasian skin color and all. But she lived and thus altering the timeline we saw in Adventure Comics #354.

Thanks Michael!

Ink on 11" x 17" Strathmore Bristol Board

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