Riddle me this!

The Riddler © DC Comics

No time to work on Ralph and Sue today, so instead you get the Riddler. I'm spending the entire day with my lovely wife. Our 20th anniversary is coming up on Wednesday and we are making a weekend of it. Interesting thing (to me at least) is I realized today that Deena and I had met for the first time 27 years ago last June. On my second week of working at Hewlett-Packard, I was introduced to a couple of hundred people, including her. And I do remember that introduction, it's just not one of the many anniversaries we celebrate. :)

Tomorrow we are going to see the Tampa Bay Rays play. We have seats in the second row along the first base line, next to the Rays dugout. We are in a spot where if we look left, we are looking in the dugout. And as 1st baseman Carlos Pena heads to his position, he will be within butt slapping reach of my wife. With any luck, will we avoid any assault charges. :)

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