Celsius - Conventionless Convention Sketch

Celsius © DC Comics

I remember the DC Comics house ads featuring the the restart of Showcase Presents and the New Doom Patrol. I was quite excited. I knew a bit about the original Doom Patrol from the reprints I read and I liked the concept. So a brand new team to get in on the ground floor with was great. Celsius was the one that brought the new team together. Thanks to Vincent for this cool, and yet hot request! Great, that pun just reminded me of a song by General Public that states "So hot, so cool, so cool, you're hot...". That's gonna be stuck in my head all day. ;)

14 days left.

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The Doom Patrol - Work in progress

I thought I would present the work in progress as a slide show this time. If you go to full screen mode, I'm afraid I used too small of a file size and it will be a bit blurry. Sorry about that. I will remember to do it differently next time. If you just want to see where I am at right now on the piece, below is a larger image to review.

The Doom Patrol © DC Comics

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The Doom Patrol - Rough

The Doom Patrol © DC Comics

I did this piece to finish in Copic markers, then realized I didn't have fresh colors of what I needed. Arg. Might have to go digital. I know I have the colors I need in that medium. :)

Col-Erase pencil in 9" x 12" Bee Paper Hemp Sketch

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