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Artwork © 2016 Gene Gonzales

As an early Valentines present I am sharing this piece with everyone. If you enjoy it I hope you will share it with others. This was done on my iPad Pro in Procreate.

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AYA - Green Lantern Animated Series

Aya © Warner Bros/DC Comics
Art © 2013 Gene Gonzales

This is one of those "happy accidents". I have just started catching up on the Green Lantern Animated Series and love the show. I had worked on some of the package art for the so-far non-existant toy line so I knew some of the characters. But I didn't know of the a.i. character of Aya. I love the character and her design. So I had to take a shot at drawing her. Avoiding details and storyline spoilers, I thought "love" would be a good theme. And Valentine's Day just happened to fall on posting day. See, happy accident.

This was done entirely in Photoshop CS5.

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