White Rabbit - Rough stuff or It's a hard knock life

Here is another idea that I had that illustrates the problems I have with the traditional comic size paper for commissions and general pin-ups. I worked on this pose forever it seems. Trying to get the anatomy right. It's not done and I still didn't get the left foot right yet. I did all of this digitally based on a little doodle I did on the corner of a manuscript. Normally I set my page size to 11" x 17" but forgot this time. And the size I did have looked close enough to fool me. As you can see by the box, which represents the 11" x 17" format, her leg will be cut off. If I make her smaller to fit, the figure is too small.

The solution it seems is to bend one or more legs. I tried just bending the left one but it didn't look right. I like the two legs bent better. But I still like the legs straight out best of all.

White Rabbit © DC Comics

See the kind of stuff an artist has to deal with. It's no wonder we are prone to drinking and cutting off an ear. :)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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White Rabbit - Pencils

White Rabbit © DC Comics

One of two ideas for a couple of White Rabbit pin-ups I have penciled on watercolor paper. Colors to come some time soon.

Currently I am working on digital coloring for two recent commissions. And I am doing roughs for a painted pin-up piece. After that I'm done with my current commission list. In November, I may be opening up the last round of Conventionless Convention Sketches for 2012. I will probably announce it here and on eBay. But that won't be until the first of November at the soonest. Stay tuned if you think you will be interested.

This is pencil on 11" x 16" watercolor paper.

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