And now a word from your humble host...

I will be posting some art work later but first I have a few announcements to make...

Let's start off with something really cool!  I hope everyone is aware that Joe Pekar (my partner in crime on the 2-PT Perspective Blog) has started his own blog. You need to check it out asap. See what he has in store for everyone and help him start off with a bang! Congrats Joe!

HeroesCon 2012 is coming up fast and in spite of everything going on around here, I am slightly ahead of schedule with the advance sketches. Anyone on the list planning to pay in advance through PayPal, please feel free to do so. I will post your finished art here. I plan to have all the art done before the show and start a new list there. And I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.


For the last few months I have been doing some thinking about the future of this blog. As almost everyone here knows it was started as an experiment to see if I could post new artwork everyday for one year. That was almost four and a half years ago. I never had an end date planned after that first year. I just kept going. So after much thought, I have decided that this blog will end it's daily run of art posts on January 1, 2013. That will make it a solid 5 years. I know the announcement is early. I mean, six months plus to go. But this makes it real for me and sets a goal. I like goals. Also, notice I said the blog will end it's "daily run of art posts". I will provide more information over the next six months of some of my plans. Thanks for being here all these years and I hope you will continue to visit.

Check back later for another HeroesCon 2012 Advance Sketch of the Legionnaire Tyroc.

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Conventionless Convention Sketches - April 2012

Not a dream! Not a hoax! Not an April Fool's joke either!


CONVENTIONLESS CONVENTION SKETCHES (CCS)! It's just like a regular con sketch that I would do for you at a convention, except no crowds, no convention hall food, no hotel bill, and no travel. And the price is the same as a show sketch. You only have to pay extra for shipping. Still cheaper than going to a show. If you have been waiting to get a black and white, inked single character sketch from me, now is the time to get it. If not for you, maybe you want a gift for that special someone? Original artwork shows how much you care. :)

Here are the details...


$50.00 for a single character, inked on 11" x 17" bristol board. I will not be doing multiple characters on a single board. Shipping is $12.00. No matter how many sketches you get! Buy 1: Shipping is $12.00! Buy 20, shipping is $12.00! (Just an FYI, my normal studio price starts at $75.00 plus shipping!). This shipping cost is US only, sorry. If you are outside the US, contact me for shipping costs.

I am going to take a total of 30 commissions. Assuming I get 30 requests, of course. Any background elements will be at my discretion. I will begin working on the sketches April 7th and all sketches will be done by May 6th. Finished art will be mailed each Thursday. Payment is PayPal only. (No e-checks, please).

If you are interested, send me an email to gene_gonzales(at)mac(dot)com. Please use "Conventionless Convention Sketch" in the subject line and let me know what you would like. That address and subject line are very important. It helps me sort the requests from other emails. That email address is also my PayPal account, but check with me before sending money, please. I do reserve the right to turn down requests that I don't feel comfortable drawing. If you have any questions, please email me.

Please tell your friends, family, and local politicians. Tweet it on Twitter, Face it on Facebook...Okay, that one didn't sound right, but you get the idea. Please get the word out any way you can. Thanks! :)

Posted above are examples of the last CCS I ran in September.

Sketchbook Saturday & Announcements

Batman © DC Entertainment

So why the zombified Batman? Well, I am going to be doing sketch cards for two different series and I thought I would combine the subject matter into one image for my post. I will be doing 40 cards for DC COMICS NEW 52 trading card set and 20 cards for THE WALKING DEAD trading card set. Should be fun! When the time is right I will provide info for the artist proof cards, for those that might be interested. And after the set is released I will post all my images here.

Also, if you follow me on Twitter, look for an announcement from me on Monday about the guest strip I did for one of my favorite web comics. I wrote, drew and colored a two pager and I am excited to share it. If you don't follow me on Twitter, you should still be able to see the announcement in the Twitter feed on right side of this blog.

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2-Point Perspective - New art blog announcement

The tag line and title says it all. Joe and I will tackle the same subject once a week. Not a contest, not a dream, not an imaginary tale, this is real.

A subject or theme will be established and we will post the artwork every Wednesday. Every Friday a new subject will be announced. We will be taking suggestions in the comments section for each week. All the art created will be original done in traditional mediums and will most likely be offered for sale or auctioned.

We thought this would be fun for everyone to toss out ideas and see what we produce. And it gives us a chance to try new things and possibly branch out of our normal styles from time to time.

Our first post will be this coming Wednesday, October 5th.

The theme: Universal Monsters (suggested by Royce).

 I hope you will join us for the fun.


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Bonus Post! Guest Artist: Joe Pekar & Announcement!

I will be posting some art later today, but in the meantime I have a bonus post for everyone...

Joe Pekar is my guest artist today. I think everyone here knows Joe's work, but if you don't know his work, you are in for a treat. Joe is known for his cute pin-up girls, his comic creation BRANDI BARE and lately for his covers for Zenoscope. What you might not know is Joe also has a background in animation and video game concept illustration/design. I was a fan of Joe's work long before I met him. His color work blows me away to the point that I feel like I should just work in black and white from now on. We finally met a few years ago and became quick friends, often traveling to conventions together and/or sit near each other at the shows. Below are a couple of Joe's recent pieces but check out Joe's Deviant Art site for more examples of his work.

Death © DC Comics  Artwork © 2011 Joe Pekar

Artwork © 2011 Joe Pekar

A couple of weeks ago Joe brought up the idea of me and him doing a weekly blog together. Both of us have enjoyed what other artists have done on group blogs and it seems like fun. So we are starting a blog. Just the two of us. We will be taking suggestions from everyone and both of us will tackle the idea/concept/character. Neither of us want to be tied just to superheroes. This isn't a competition (whew!), just a fun way to see how two artist approach the same idea.

Here is where we need some help. We need a name. We are still brainstorming it ourselves, but if anyone has suggestions we would love to hear them. Maybe we could work out some kind of prize if we use your suggestion. So feedback, I would like to hear what you think. Tired of artist group blogs or ready to see what we will do?

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I want to take today's post to recognize something I just found out about earlier this week. I was shocked to hear that our own Royce Thrower endured not one, BUT TWO heart attacks right after HeroesCon last month. One person would think having just one in a day would be enough, but Royce is what you might call an over-achiever. My thinking is he told his first heart attack "Is that all you got, punk?" and then laughed through the second one came shortly thereafter. You are the MAN Royce!

Seriously, I am sorry you had to go through that whole thing. I can't imagine what it was like. But I am very happy that you are doing better and getting stronger. Take care of yourself!

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Pittsburgh Comicon 2010 Advance Sketch List

Announcement #1

It's that time again. The Pittsburgh ComiCon starts in 3 weeks. So I am opening up the Advance Sketch List for the show.

Here's the deal:

Inked sketches, single figure, on 11" x 17" Bristol Board: $50.00

Canson color pieces, single figure on 11" x 17": 125.00.
(Knowing the character request in advance will allow me to select the right color paper from my files) I may ask for reference if I don't know the character or I can't find it on the web at the show. You can email me links to references before the show. I can alway print them out and take them with me. I don't know exactly what art supplies I will be able to bring to the show. So if you are interested in a Canson piece, let me know asap. There is a good chance that I will try to do them before the show. If I can bring everything I need, I will be doing some at the show.

To be on the list, you must be attending the show. Or at least have someone you trust with your cash to pick up the art, pay me, and give you the art. I'm not responsible if the art doesn't reach you. :)

No advance payment. You can pay for the art when you pick it up. I do request that if you are on my list and are not going to make it, please let me know as soon as you can.

An advantage to getting on the list early gives me some time to think about your request(s), bounce ideas around in my head and maybe even doodle ideas in my sketchbook. But I will not get any inked pieces done before the convention. My workload is pretty heavy and I do have three commissions that need to be done before I head to the show.

Announcement #2

I have purchased the software necessary for me to start recording my desktop as I work. I will be trying out a few things and then I hope to start posting the first recording next week. I'm sure about the length or what I will be working on at this point but I will let everyone know the day before it posts. I'm thinking this will be a fun adventure. I've seen others do this and I enjoy watching. I hope I will be articulate enough to make listening interesting as well. And if this goes well enough I would like to do the same thing with my traditional work via a web cam. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. What would you like to see? What type of work? Digital vs traditional or either is fine? More on this subject later.

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The Emerald Empress - The Fatal Five

We are sticking with the Legion of Super-Heroes theme. Today we have the villainess Emerald Empress of the Fatal Five with the Emerald Eye of Ekron. The Empress and the Fatal Five were created by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan. This image was done in ink on 11" x 17" Strathmore Bristol Board.
And then colored in Photoshop. This is a rather quick color job. After I resized the file for the web I started playing with the color. Which just means if I ever wanted to print this out I would have to start over with a higher resolution. But for now this will do.

A few of other things I need to mention today. All having to do with original art and availability.

Tom Fleming, my good friend and owner of Fanfare Sports & Entertainment, Inc, is hosting my pin-up art and sequential art. Tom has had my sequential art on his site for years but has since offered to help me with my pin-up art. I haven't had the time to put together a shop on-line and this is a big help. If not for him all the art I am doing would sit in draws until a convention. So if you are interested in something from me, please check out Tom's site. He is also the representative for a lot of other artists so you might want to check out all he has on the site. Thanks for your help Tom! First round of Mojitos are on me when the Flemings come down for vacation!

I got an email from someone interested in a piece I posted here. Unfortunately that piece was a commission but it did make me think that I have never addressed the availability of the art I post here. So, if you see something on this blog that you are interested in, send me an email. I do try to say whether it is a commission or commercial piece so if there is any question just contact me. Because I do this blog 7 days a week, there is a lot of pieces in the files looking for a home. :)

I have finished inking the pages of Cavewoman that creator Budd Root had entrusted to me. I think they came out pretty slick. I will let you know when they can be shared and when the book comes out. Thanks Budd, that was fun. Let's do it again sometime!

And lastly, I had thought to do a Conventionless Convention Sketch deal again, but I think I will just say that the commission list is open. :)

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Gonzo Art Studio is LIVE

I have a new site I want to announce: GonzoArtStudio

Over a year and a half ago I moved most, if not all my pin-up art off of my site at The reason, I was picking up quite a few new clients and I felt I should separate the comics/pin-ups from the business illustration. No one ever complained but there were comments about my "sexy drawings" in meetings that I would rather not have been discussing right then. So that is how this blog came about. A place to put the "sexy drawings" and comic related work until I could get an additional site ready. It took a long time. I bought the domain last year and was trying to figure out what software to build the site in since GoLive (the only program I knew) was now gone. And since I had no desire to learn any coding (of which my daughter, the CSS and HTML expert gives me a hard time about) I needed a WYSIWYG type program.

Then came Square Space. A great company that no only has the tools for me to build my site quickly and easily but they also host it. I found them through many of the tech podcasts that I listen to. Basically every reviewer I trust had nothing but GREAT things to say about the service and tools. If you need to build a site, host a blog, etc. I recommend you try their free trial account. No credit cards or obligation.

At GonzoArtStudio you will find my pin-up and comic work. None of that silly business stuff. It's pretty bare bones (no pun intended) right now but I will be adding more artwork over the next few weeks. This blog will continue as it always has but I will be moving the entire thing, archives and all, over to the new site soon.

I hope everyone checks out the site and enjoys their stay there.