Sketchbook Tuesday - Nuts & Bolts

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

I only had time to work on some bot designs today. I was working towards a specific function/design for the  robot and went through quite a few ideas before settling on one. It's not pictured here because it plays a very important part in the story I am working on.

These were done in my sketchbook using blue Col-Erase pencil, black pens and gray Prismacolor markers.

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Just a little background...

Artwork © Gene Gonzales

Here is a panel from the story I am working on with writer J.C. Vaughn. This just shows my pencils and the inks for the same panel. I enjoy doing backgrounds. I started finding them fun when I was working on Mister X. The city was a character itself and it was fun to design the "sets" for the story. I found it a challenge and tried new ways to draw the city. It was the first time I used a 3D program to build simple shapes as guides for the extreme perspective I used for the tall buildings. To give a sense of the walls closing in. This was way back in the late 1990s.

I am barely making this post today. I got my computer back around 7pm and have been trying to get my studio in order. With everything in a disarray it seemed like a good time to get the room cleaned up and reorganized. Just didn't realize it would take so long. :)

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Dr. Eville - Finished panel

Here is the finished panel of Dr. Eville that I did today. Actually I colored and lettered the entire page. Also digitally penciled and inked another page and lettered it. I still need to color it but I am wiped out. I am running on about 2.5 hours of sleep. And not a quality 2.5 hours. And I will be up to work again tomorrow at 6am. Tomorrow will be a full day of coloring and corrections for the FCBD Guide to Collecting Comics and getting files prepared for upload for three DC projects. But for now, I think I will just collapse. Good night all!

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Captain Action & Dr. Eville - Roughs

For the last several years I have been providing artwork for some of the introductions in the yearly OFFICIAL OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE from Gemstone Publishing. This year Gemstone Publishing is participating in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY with the OVERSTREET GUIDE TO COLLECTING COMICS. I am happy to say that I had been contracted to produce artwork for this book as well. I am doing complete art and lettering duties for my pages.

Here are a couple of roughs from one of the pages. We are using different characters to explain how the comic grading process works and how you can learn it. Captain Action (above) will explain one part while his mortal enemy, Dr Eville (below) will explain another.

There are other characters I will be drawing for one panel shots. It's fun stuff and informative. I hope you will pick up a copy.

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Captain Action and Dr. Eville ©2010 Captain Action Enterprises. All Rights Reserved.


I know nothing about this character. Other than writer Will Allred is a huge fan. And it's a cool costume. Thanks to another bout with insomnia that kept me up until 3:30am, I did this piece after finishing some work. This was done with blue Col-Erase pencil in my sketchbook. Colors added in Photoshop.

Also, I thought I would add that the sketchlist for HeroesCon is shaping up nicely. I'm getting some great requests. I will actually start some of them in my free time. Sketching them up in my sketch book. Some folks are sending their books to me before the show, to get a jump on it. Hopefully I will be able to post those sometime before the show.

Ah well, back to work.


I don't buy monthly comics anymore. I know, I'm a bad person. But after buying monthly comics since the early seventies, I had too many boxes of books. ("Had" because I recently let go of my entire collection from golden age through bronze age books).

I do buy trades and hardcovers though. Of the hardcovers I buy, one of my favorites is INVINCIBLE. In my opinion, this is a great comic. Superheroes done right. A full, rich world of characters that you can really get to know and care for. I have always been a fan of Superboy. The idea of a character destined for greatness and you are along for the ride of him growing and learning. This is how I think of Invincible. Odds are he will be one of the best but right now, he is just trying to find his way and do what's right.

I only purchase the INVINCIBLE ULTIMATE COLLECTION's as they come out once a year. It takes a lot of patience to not buy the paperbacks that come out more frequently, or the monthly. But I am rewarded when the big hardcover comes out. If you have a chance, give it a try. There is another hardcover I pick up that only comes out once a year, but I will save that for another post.

Taking care of business

Earlier this month I showed some concept art I was doing for a project I am working on with my buddy, writer J.C. Vaughn. I have put together five penciled and lettered panels for the pitch. Above is panel five. Can't say too much about it right now but I will share more info as I can.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day and took a moment to remember what this day is all about.

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

For the last four years I have been providing artwork for The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (CBPG), from Gemstone Publishing. They are intros for different sections of the Guide written by J.C. Vaughn. Prior to the comic book style introductions, the were all text. J.C. thought it would be more entertaining to have a comic book style introduction in a book about comic books. That makes sense to me.
So he contacted me to join the fun. The staff at CBPG provides me with scans of rare comics and other tidbits that I need to produce the artwork, working from J.C.s script. I then put together the whole package, pencils, inks, colors, lettering, production, etc.
Every year we change a some elements of the introduction "About This Book", to reflect new or emerging trends in comic books, but the introductions for the different "ages" of comics stay the same.

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide goes on sale March 25th.

Auction News: For those that are interested, the auction for my artwork featuring Medusa ends tonight around 7:30 pm (est).  Here's the link: Medusa

Metamorpho the Element Man!

And now for something different. While sitting here waiting to hear back from someone, I picked up a sheet of 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board and just started drawing. At first with a Blue Col-Erase pencil, but then I picked up some pens and a pen brush and started inking. I added the grays in Photoshop. I've always like Metamorpho. I thought the cool thing was how his rich heiress girlfriend didn't care what he looked like. She was with him before his transformation and stayed with him after. Ramona Frandon penciled his earliest adventures. Her style was a great fit. I also loved her work on Aquaman. 

I have no idea what they have done with Metamorpho in recent years. I have seen some art and I think the redesign is pretty cool. But I don't know if any of the Silver Age history has stuck or not. Doesn't matter I suppose, I have a copy of Showcase Presents: Metamorpho and everything is as it always was in there. :)

14,000 Winters Ago...minus 1 Day

Here is the last of the three pages I am doing for this story. This page takes place a day or two after the last one. The guy with the mohawk is starting to build his lodge on the edge of the tribes new settlement. Starting tomorrow I will begin to share the color pages as I finish them. 

Speaking of tomorrow, I can't believe it will be December 1st. Eleven months of this so far. Wow!

14,000 Winters Ago... - Page One Inked

I spent the better part of the day inking this page. The "inks" were done digitally. I have scan of my pencils on one layer in Photoshop at 50% opacity and I "ink" on a layer above it. The background trees were done on a layer in between. This way I don't have to cut the background from the foreground if I want to do some kind of FX. Big time saver.

14,000 Winters Ago...minus one minute

I try not to work too much on weekends. But with a holiday coming up, I figure I needed to put more time into work since I will probably not work on Thursday. Well, except for this blog of course. Today I did the digital line art for another illustration and colored it. I have three more to go for that part of a job to be done. AND I penciled this page for Browser and Sequoia. (Yesterday I started the digital inks on the first page.) All in all a productive day. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with a client, and Tuesday afternoon I have a meeting with another client. So though it's going to be a short week, I have a busier than average schedule.

14,000 Winters Ago...

About 10 years ago or so I did a couple of comics entitled The Adventures of Browser & Sequoia. It is a fictional account of life around the Saltville, Virginia area pre-ice age. The creator of the series has kept the characters alive in a science book for elementary schools, some plush toys, and a novel. The last of which is in the production stage. It will be incorporating some story pages from the comic. This is where I come in. I am doing three new pages for the book to cover some back story. Pencils, inks, and colors.

Above is the first page of pencils. It's interesting trying to work in a style that wasn't natural for me back then. I didn't hit it exactly. It needs to be a bit more cartoony. But that is something I can do in the inks. I will post the pages as they go. It might be a bit interesting.

Bet he didn't see that coming!

Today we have a couple of panels from PERILS ON PLANET X. I am trying to squeeze inking the second issue into my schedule. Chris is planning to have the third and last issue script to me this month and I would like to start on it by the new year. These two panels are from a page that is almost done. I spent a few hours on it late last night and early this morning.


Doctor Doom, that is. This is the last of the Conventionless Convention sketches. This is also the first time I have drawn Doctor Doom and I have found that with my abilities there is a fine line in making him look cool or making him look ridiculous. Overall I think it worked out but this is the fifth one I sketched out. So I have decided to title this piece "My Last Doctor Doom Sketch." :) Below is how the two pin-ups look together. Thanks to Andy for the commissions. This is done in ink on 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board.


I had taken the same approach to this piece as I have with some other recent pin-ups, using a single line weight. But it didn't look right. So I mixed things up a bit. I used the fattest Micron pen, (1) and tried to treat it like a brush. The toughest part was doing the lighter line weight because it does not have a fine tip but the more I used it the more comfortable I became with it. Batgirl was outlined with it and her rope was drawn with it. I also used it to increase the up shadows around her belt. I did end up pulling out a brush for the solid black areas and for some feathering. Microns were used for the cross hatching on the roof top. All in all it was a fun mash up to do. This is ink on 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board.

Since I shared all my Halloween images before Halloween, I've got nothing to say other than Happy Halloween! The Halloween images I have available for prints on will be removed tomorrow afternoon. So if you have a need for a Halloween print from me, now is the time to get it. :) Have a safe and fun Trick or Treating everyone!