HeroesCon 2015 - Part 3

I will be finishing up the presentation of the pieces done for HeroesCon over the weekend. Didn't mean to drag it out. I came home to an incredible amount of work that has to be done by Monday morning. Here are some photos taken of pieces I did at the show. Not of scan quality but still fun to share. I hope enjoy!

Lady Quark © DC Comics

Iron Man © Marvel Comics

Kitty Pryde and Lockheed  © Marvel Comics
(dancing the day away)

Mirage © Marvel Comics

More this weekend. Stay tuned!

MegaCon 2015

I am still finishing up the Conventionless Convention Sketches but MegaCon crept up faster than I anticipated. So I needed to finish up some of the pre-show pieces before the show. That put me a bit behind on the others. That said, MegaCon was it's usual slowish show for me and I found time to rough out 7 of the CCSs left. Six of them being Legion of Super-Heroes and Legion of Super-Villains related. I plan to have all the CCS pieces done no later than the 28th. I do appreciate everyone's patience. And I will endeavor to make the pieces worth your wait.

Now how about some art...

Ink on 11" x 17" bristol board

Mixed media on 11" x 17" Canson board

Ink on 11" x 17" bristol board

All characters © Marvel Comics

I did some pieces at the show but only thought to get a shot of one of them. I'm terrible about that.

The best part of the show was seeing people I only see at that show or others. Got a lot of comments about my weight loss with was nice. The last show of note that I did was HeroesCon last year and that was before I started my weight loss so it was the first time many have seen my progress.

And of course hanging out with Joe Pekar at our shared table was great. We always have a great time together which is fortunate when you realize that he and I spend a long time in a car together going to and from HeroesCon. :)

And speaking of HeroesCon, I have had many people ask me when the advance list will be announced. It will be after FCBD. Sometime the first week of May. But we will meet here again long before that.

MegaCon Advance Sketch List is Open

Big Barda © DC Comics
Anyone know why I have Barda on the header? :)

MegaCon in Orlando, Florida is coming up fast. The dates are March 21, 22, & 23. I will be sharing a table with the one and only Joe Pekar, we will be at table BLUE 7.

MegaCon is my first convention of 2014 and it is time to open up the advance sketch list. I will actually work on this list leading up to the convention. Especially the more complicated pieces. 

Click for larger view

This is a lot to read so email me if you have any questions. Please use the subject line "MegaCon Sketch List". Actually use that subject line please. I have a smart mailbox that separates emails with that subject line in order for me to stay organized. Thanks!

Email: gene_gonzales@mac.com or gene@genegonzales.com


Inked sketches: single figure, on 11" x 17" Bristol Board: $50.00

I will only be doing Acrylic pieces at home to bring with me. I don't plan on doing any at the show.

Acrylic/Watercolor: single figure on 11" x 17" (approximate size): 150.00

UPDATE:  I've had a few request for my sketch cover prices:

One character inks: $75

One character color: $100

Two character color: $150

Email me if you have a different request.

Payment: There will be three options for payment:

PayPal: You may pay in advance for your request using PayPal. Please contact me first with your request before you send money.

Credit Card at the Con: I will be accepting major credit cards at the convention. I can use PayPal or Square to accept credit cards. Fast and secure.

Cash: You can pay for the art when you pick it up.

If you were to ask what I prefer, Paypal would be my first preference for payment. It makes it easier to keep track of everything and it helps prioritize the work.

This advance list is only for those attending MegaCon 2014 in person. I do request that if you are on my list and are not going to make it, please let me know. And if possible, please pick up your artwork as soon as you can when you arrive at the convention. Or pay for your spot on the list, whichever applies.

I may ask for reference if I don't know the character or if I can't find it on the web at the show.
You can email me links to references before the show.

An advantage to getting on the list early gives me some time to think about your request(s), bounce ideas around in my head, maybe doodle ideas in my sketchbook, and possibly show up at the con with your finished piece. There is a finite amount of requests I can take. I do not know what that number is because I don't know the requests. So sign up early and often. :)

I am really looking forward to this show. There are so many of you that I only get to see at MegaCon so it really is like hanging out with friends.

If you have any questions about the sketch list, please ask. And even if you are not getting something but will be at the show, please drop by and say "hi".

Other Convention Stuff

I will have other original art at the show, some you have seen here on this blog. I will also be bring prints to the show. There will be three sizes to choose from 8.5" x 11", 11" x 17" and 13" x 19".

I have also found a stash of some of my previous sketchbooks. I will have those at the show as well.

This was a lot of information to cover. If anything is confusing to you, let me know and I will do my best to clarify. And please excuse any typos. :)

Here we go!

Canson Cutie: Xanadu - Kira (Olivia Newton-John)

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

Let me start off by saying I am a fan of Olivia Newton-John. There. I said it. As a matter of fact, my first concert ever was seeing her at the beautiful outdoor Greek Theater in Los Angeles on August 27th 1976. I was 13. England Dan and John Ford Coley ("I'd really love to see you tonight") opened for her. My mom dropped me and my friend off at the Greek, by ourselves and when the show was over, she came and got us. Fighting all that traffic to get back to the Greek had to have been fun. In the pre-decades of cell phones, she just had to guess when the show would end. We almost had a chance at going backstage and meeting Olivia. At a side door, there was a man who was picking random people from the crowd there to come backstage. We weren't picked. Probably jumping up and down waving my hand and my ONJ scrapbook might have discouraged him from picking me. Anyway, it was a very memorable night and it has stayed with me all these years. (Her opening song was "The Air That I Breathe").

Which in a long way brings me around to this piece. See Little John is a fan of Olivia Newton-John as well. Something that came up at HeroesCon I believe. Well, us ONJ fans have to stick together. So John has wanted a piece featuring ONJ in her role as Kira in the musical Xanadu and who better to get it from than another ONJ fan. He selected the cowgirl costume she wears near the end of the film and we were off. Now this was a tough piece to do. There are no good references on the internet. Thankfully NetFlix has the movie and I watched it and made screen shots to get some kind of idea how the outfit works. Bad thing is, all the shots are blurry because she is too busy dancing and not standing still. But I think it worked out.

Thanks Little John, I hope I did Olivia justice. :)

Mixed media on 11" x 17" purple Canson Paper.

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Sketchbook Friday - Mary Marvel, Big Cartel & Commissions

Mary Marvel © DC Comics

I have a couple of quick news bits to get out of the way today. First off is I have added some artwork for sale on my Big Cartel site. These are pieces you have seen here and if feel so inclined you can purchase them there.

Second, I am accepting commissions. I have two on my list right now, one of which will be finished next week. If you are interested in a commissioned piece, please email me at gene_gonzales(at)mac(dot)com with the word "Commission" in the subject line.

And finally, Mary Marvel. Mary is my second favorite heroine, right behind Supergirl. I just felt like drawing her this morning. Then after scanning her, I put some color to her in Photoshop. Nothing fancy, just quick.

I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend. And if not marvelous, I hope it's at least merry. (See what I did there, Royce.) :)

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Scarlett © Hasbro

This is the last of the commissions for James. Scarlett, of G. I. Joe fame, was done as a companion piece to the Baroness. A little light to contrast the dark, as it were. Here's how they look together...

Baroness & Scarlett © Hasbro

Thanks again to James for all of the fun commissions.

Tomorrow I will have an update on the HeroesCon Advance Sketch List. Hint: There is still room on it. :)

The Scarlett commission was done in ink on a sheet of 11" x 17" bristol board.

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Rainbow Seahorses FTW!

 Artwork © 2010 Gene Gonzales

I showed bits of this above artwork when it was in progress. This was commissioned by my friends Tom & Anne Marie for their daughter Katie. The image incorporates a very long and fun series of nicknames they have for Katie. This was a lot of fun to do and I really feel honored they asked me to do this. Thanks Tom and Anne! (This was done in color pencil and fluid acrylic.)

And for fun, here is a piece they commissioned for their other daughter Shelby. This was done way back in 2002. After all these years it was very cool to see the painting hanging in Shelby's room when I visited them last year. Yup, very cool indeed. :) (This one was done in gouache.)

Lilo and Stitch © Disney

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Chloe Sullivan and the Wall of Weird

Chloe Sullivan © DC Comics

This is the second of my commissioned pieces for Royce. This is my comic book take on SMALLVILLE's Chloe Sullivan. I picked the time when Chloe was still collecting anything that had to do with meteor freaks and strange happenings in Smallville. For some reason, despite her investigative skills as the editor of the Smallville High School newspaper The Torch, she seems to miss the pattern that is developing right in front of her. :)

Thanks Royce, for the chance to draw a member of the Superman family that I have never drawn before. Both pieces were fun to do. I hope you enjoy them!

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Supergirl - Maid of Might! Inked Commission

Supergirl © DC Comics

Royce made his choice from the roughs I posted and here is the finished piece. For me this Supergirl costume is second only to the hot pants costume as drawn by Bob Oksner or Art Saaf. It's fun, sexy and I think she got it from Diana "Wonder Woman" Prince. I seem to recall Supergirl trying on the costume in Diana's boutique. (WW lost her powers back then and was doing her Emma Peel impression. Google that if you are too young to know what I am talking about). :) I don't have those particular issues anymore so I may be wrong. Feel free to correct me if I am.

Which reminds me, it would be great if DC would make their library available in a digital format. I would go broke, that's for sure.

Thanks again Royce. As you know, I am always up to drawing Kara. And now I have a bunch of poses that I can work on in my free time. ;)

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Justice Legion of Aliens - Final

Below is the final art for this commission. The top photo shows the line art with the overlay of logos. One difference in the line art from yesterday is I have added black to each side of the board. This makes the spotlight stand out much better. In the original cover, a dark color was used for the background and yellow for the spotlight. But since this piece will not be in color, it lacked some weight. I think the added black gives it that weight and makes the over all image really pop.

The overlay worked out nice. I had to redo a couple of elements because of the new black background but that was easy. Below is a digital version of the cover where I placed the logo elements I created in the same file as the line art. 

And just for fun, below is a tease of the next one I am (re)creating.

The Legion of Super-Heroes © DC Comics

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Justice Legion of Aliens - Inks

I finished the inks today and and I think they came out pretty nice. In case I didn't mention it, Dawnstar has been turned into salt. That is why there is a difference in the inking and texture on her figure.

Legion of  Super-Heroes © DC Comics

With the inks done, I scanned the art and placed it in Adobe Illustrator so I could create the logos and size them to my needs. When I was done, I printed them out on Epson Photo Paper on my Epson Stylus Photo 2200 color printer.

I've cut down the acetate for an overlay and placed it over the finished art. The next step will be cutting the logos and other objects from the print out and glueing them down to the acetate overlay. A second sheet of photo paper was used for the other cover objects not shown in the photo below.

More tomorrow!

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Justice Legion of Aliens - Pencils

Today I worked on the next stage of the Justice Legion of Aliens cover recreation. If you haven't seen the first roughs, check them out here.

The photo above is a shot of the left side of my drawing table. It has a built in opening where I have mounted my old light box underneath. It's a nice set up. I got the table at IKEA a couple of years ago. I used the light table to transfer the enlarged print out of my roughs to the final bristol board. I use a 2H pencil lead and draw very light.

As you can tell I didn't copy everything line for line. I want to be able to add to the final pencils. Keep some energy to them. The tightened pencils are pictured below. Even from this point I will be adding more to the art as I ink. If someone else were inking it, I would spend more time tightening it up so the inker would understand what line is what.

The Legion of Super-Heroes © DC Comics

 I will run this by Aidan for any feedback he may have. Since this is so close to the roughs I don't expect anything major. :)

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Foxy Brown - Footy Prize

This is the last of the art commissioned by Alex as prizes for his footy tipping. This one is my version of the incredible Pam Grier as Foxy Brown. I loves me some Pam Grier! And I'm not the only one. This piece is for Lou who came in dead last in the competition. And he deserves a prize, staying in last place is hard! Lou is a Collingwood supporter from NYC and loves Pam Grier. Hey, who doesn't? Congrats Lou!

Once again, big thanks to Alex for the commissions and for allowing me to share them as completed. These have been fun!

Tomorrow I am back on the Justice Legion of Aliens. Drop by and see some of the process.

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Archangel: Black Lantern - Footy Prize

Archangel © Marvel Entertainment

As a companion piece to yesterdays White Lantern Angel, we have today's mash-up of Black Lantern Archangel. This piece is also for Justin as a prize for being the overall winner in footy tipping. And as before, Alex commissioned this especially for Justin. This was done in ink and fluid acrylics on a sheet of 11" x 17" bristol board.

I just looked at the calendar and I see that Sunday will be my 1000th consecutive day of posting on this blog. Maybe. Royce, you probably should double check me on that. I'm an artist, not a mathematician. :)

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Angel: White Lantern - Footy Prize

Angel © Marvel Entertainment

Today I have another commission finished up for Alex. This is the second of four inked pieces commissioned as prizes for winners in footy tipping. The winner is a fan of the high flying X-Men, Angel. But also a fan of Green Lantern. So we have a mash-up of the two for something quite unique. This was done in ink on a sheet of 11" x 17" bristol board. Thanks again Alex!

Update: Alex let me know that this is for Justin who was the winner overall of the footy tipping! Congrats Justin! I think there will be another prize for you soon. ;)

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Justice Legion of Aliens - Roughs

Everyone who visits this blog knows of my love of the Legion of Super-Heroes. And there are a lot of Legion fans out there. Which brings us to a series of posts I will be doing involving a unique cover recreation. I was approached by Aidan to do a couple of recreations of some classic Justice League of America covers but recasting the JLA with the LSH. How could I say no? Aidan has graciously allowed me to share the entire process here as it is created. There are two that will be done. I am going to start with this one.

The original cover to be used as the template is Justice League of America #72 by Joe Kubert. The original cover featured Hawkman, who had been turned into salt, and Hawkgirl blaming the JLA. Aidan's idea was to recast the Legion's Wildfire (Hawkgirl) and Dawnstar (Hawkman) in the leads. I believe he also asked for Colossal Boy (Superman), Shrinking Violet (Atom), 1970s Supergirl (Batman) and I came up with Mon-El (Green Lantern) and Saturn Girl (Green Arrow) to round out the cast. And so we have the Justice Legion of Aliens!

First pass at the cover was awkward, as seen below. Hawkgirl's pose was too feminine for Wildfire and I struggled with being true to the source. My substitute pose for Wildfire is stiff and not working. Everything else is looking fine though. After running it by Aidan, he reminded me that it's the spirit of the image, not a line for line recreation he likes. That helped a lot.

Second pass at a rough is starting to work better. I did some adjustments to the main characters, allowing Wildfire's characteristic body language to come out. There is more energy and power in his positioning. I also made a bit of a change to Dawnstar's pose. I made them both a bit larger than in the first pass as well. Now we are on to something.

I finalize the rough pencils below. Everyone is in costume now. I tightened up some of the loose ends enough to give me what I need when transferring the image to the final board. I don't want it too tight  because there will be some tweaking on the final board. And doing a straight trace is the quickest way to kill the energy of the lines.

The Legion of Super-Heroes © DC Comics

I will be posting more as I work on it. The final image will be inked and have all the logos and lettering in place on an overlay of clear acetate. I hope you will enjoy the process.

If you are interested in seeing the amazing collection of "Re-Legion" covers Aidan has commissioned from some outstanding artists, check out his gallery at the Comic Art Fans site.

Thanks again to Aidan for the commissions and for allowing me to share the process here.

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Tigra - Footy Call!

Tigra © Marvel Entertainment

This piece was commissioned by Alex as a prize for the international/US guy, that would be Paul, who placed highest in the footy tipping. Paul chose to follow the Brisbane Lions and is a big Tigra fan so naturally this called for a little team-up. Though Paul doesn't have his prize in hand yet, he has seen it. And he surprised me by commenting about the rough version of the piece I posted a couple of days ago. Hope I didn't spoil the surprise!

Thanks for the commission Alex, and congrats to Paul.

This was done in ink and Golden fluid acrylic paint on a sheet of 11" x 17" bristol board.

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Tigra - Commission Rough

Tigra © Marvel Entertainment

I was planning to get to the Space Jungle Girl piece today, but I ran out of time after struggling with this commission rough. That's the way it goes sometimes. Still, this finally worked out and that's a good thing. :)

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