Vampirella - WIP: Commission Rough

This is the beginning of another commission. Actually it's a two part commission and I will be sharing the progress of it as we go. Both parts will be tribute pieces featuring Vampirella. At this point I have taken the four inch tall concept art I did, scanned it into Photoshop, enlarged it and now working out the figure digitally in blue lines. This will be an inked piece when finished, it's just easier to work out the rough stuff like this. More tomorrow.

This is traditional pencils and digital lines in Photoshop.

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Sea Witch and Interview

I was recently interviewed by about my art, my work, and my inspirations. I had a really good time doing it and was honored to be asked. Just look at the talent that appears on the site and you will see what I mean. It was the kind of interview that I had to really dig a little deeper for the answers. Hopefully it's inspiring and I don't come off like a jerk. :)

And for some quotes from various artist, including me, take a look here:

If you enjoy the interview and the site, I hope that you will tell others about it through whatever social media you use.

A big thanks to Khuan Tru! Cheers mate! :)

Today's piece is a digital rough for a commission. I did this during lunch.

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