Digital Sketchbook Friday

Art © 2012 Gene Gonzales

Started playing with this piece again. It was the file that got corrupted the other day. Hopefully that won't happen again anytime soon.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Digital Sketchbook Friday

Art © 2012 Gene Gonzales

iPad 2 digital sketch done earlier when I was supposed to be taking notes, cause like, yeah, that was going to happen. Using a Jot Pro Stylus in Sketchbook Pro.

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Digital Sketchbook Sunday

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

Sorry to those that stopped by to see a Conventionless Convention Sketch. I had too many errands to do today and knew I probably wasn't going to finish any pieces today. I also knew that at a couple of locations I was just going to be sitting for a while, so I thought enough ahead to bring my iPad2. I am still learning my way around Sketchbook Pro on the iPad but I like the program. And I am finally getting used to the iPad's limitation of not being pressure sensitive. Would be nice if it was, but it's not, so why whine. :)

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Digital Sketchbook Thursday

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

We are having a brief intermission from the Conventionless Convention Sketches today. Only because I had a day that turned my brain to mush. And I really didn't want to finish the piece I am working on with a mushy brain. That can lead to bad things. Nobody wants mushy brain sketches.

I have had this image sitting on my computer for just over a year. It was done in Photoshop, based on a photo I took. I open the photo file in one window and do all the drawing and painting in another window. Every so often I come back to it, work on it, throw away all I did, work on it some more, keep some of what I did, save and put away. While sitting here waiting to hear back about something, I opened it up and put some more work into it and set it aside when I got the okay on the work I was doing. Once that work was done, I thought about inking the sketch, but then thought better of it. (Remember the whole mushy brain thing at the beginning of this post?) So instead I noodled with the above image some more, to the point where I will say it's done. I don't think I have ever shared this piece at any stage so here it is complete. Unless I mess with it some more. :)

We will return to the Conventionless Convention Sketches tomorrow.

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Digital Sketchbook Wednesday

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

Yesterday I did two Conventionless Convention Sketches but because one is a surprise gift, I couldn't show it. Yet. So today I had to make up some time on some commercial work and do some errands. But why waste time sitting in an orthodontist waiting room when I can whip out my iPad and sketch!
CCS's return tomorrow.

I am also putting together the blog that Joe Pekar and I are doing. I am hoping to have it all done by Monday. I need to make the header, and do the design of the blog. We do have a name for it and we have the blog url. Though there were some great ideas from everyone, I'm afraid I came up with the one that both Joe and I really liked. Thanks to everyone that tossed ideas our way.

The above art was created in Sketchbook Pro for the iPad2. Still learning.

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Digital Sketchbook Sunday - Sketchbook Pro

Phoenix © Marvel Entertainment

First real attempt of drawing something from scratch on my iPad 2 using Sketchbook Pro. It was fun. There is a steep learning curve to all the finger commands. For the actual drawing and coloring I was using a stylus. The tough part about the iPad is that it is not pressure sensitive so it doesn't work like a Wacom tablet. Seems that someone would come up with a pen that reads the pressure put on the pen and in turn that signals the app on the iPad. Maybe with a Bluetooth signal? If I knew how to do that type of programing and manufacturing, I would be all over it and make a million. :)

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