Commercial Art - Roughs

Art © 2012 Gene Gonzales

From the "cheesecake" yesterday to veggies today, you never know what I will be drawing next but it is a well rounded diet. :)

These are roughs for a very large commercial job I am doing.

Pencil in my sketchbook.

This is Post #1865

If I Only Had A Brain...

Okay, let the jokes and puns begin. Finished? Good.
Yes I know, this is not a very sexy post, but I am trying to show variety. With my work load what it is, it's hard to get time to do the fun and sexy stuff. Instead I'm sure I am boring all of you with the not-as-interesting-but-pays-really-well-stuff. I do find it interesting myself. Every project can have it's fun moments. And every project can have it dull hours. But I wouldn't change my career for a million dollars. Uh, okay, for a million dollars, I would. :) Which just made me think of this: Have you ever heard someone say that a million dollars isn't that much any more. That it can't buy what it used to. My feeling on that is, "Hey, give me the million dollars! I don't care what it used to be able to buy, I'm sure it will buy more than I can buy now with the money I have." After this post I don't think I can ever claim I have linear thoughts. Have a good weekend folks. :)

I've got the brains, you got the looks...

Here is an area of my career that I haven't shared, doing illustrations for higher education text books. I am working on the art for a book about cognitive neuroscience. This is one piece from the 9th chapter. There are 16 chapters in the book and a lot of work to go. This piece is a work in progress. It is created in Adobe Illustrator 10. I am a few steps behind on the latest version of Illustrator but it still works for me. This particular publisher is W.W. Norton, but I have done work with almost all the big publishers in this field since 1992. If you were in college some time since 1992, there is a good chance you used one of the books I have worked on. : )

Isabel's Story

This is a great example of comics used for education and in this case, health education. These are two pages from a project I did that was used by the National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services. ISABEL'S STORY is a bilingual booklet about osteoporosis. A important health issue for women. The book is a flip book that is in Spanish as well as English. The hope is to explain the disease to Spanish speaking women and the precautions they can take to minimize the dangers. I did the black and white line art, others handled the colors, lettering and production. You can actually order this booklet or download the pdf version for free here. Get a copy for all the women in your life. (Little side note, the part of the pug on the first page was performed by our own Coco the pug. So far the stardom has not gone to her head.)