Bonus Post! Guest Artist: Joe Pekar & Announcement!

I will be posting some art later today, but in the meantime I have a bonus post for everyone...

Joe Pekar is my guest artist today. I think everyone here knows Joe's work, but if you don't know his work, you are in for a treat. Joe is known for his cute pin-up girls, his comic creation BRANDI BARE and lately for his covers for Zenoscope. What you might not know is Joe also has a background in animation and video game concept illustration/design. I was a fan of Joe's work long before I met him. His color work blows me away to the point that I feel like I should just work in black and white from now on. We finally met a few years ago and became quick friends, often traveling to conventions together and/or sit near each other at the shows. Below are a couple of Joe's recent pieces but check out Joe's Deviant Art site for more examples of his work.

Death © DC Comics  Artwork © 2011 Joe Pekar

Artwork © 2011 Joe Pekar

A couple of weeks ago Joe brought up the idea of me and him doing a weekly blog together. Both of us have enjoyed what other artists have done on group blogs and it seems like fun. So we are starting a blog. Just the two of us. We will be taking suggestions from everyone and both of us will tackle the idea/concept/character. Neither of us want to be tied just to superheroes. This isn't a competition (whew!), just a fun way to see how two artist approach the same idea.

Here is where we need some help. We need a name. We are still brainstorming it ourselves, but if anyone has suggestions we would love to hear them. Maybe we could work out some kind of prize if we use your suggestion. So feedback, I would like to hear what you think. Tired of artist group blogs or ready to see what we will do?

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Sketchbook Saturday - Guest Artist: Gary M. Peiffer

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

Another Sketchbook Day. Just some doodles from a page that had doodles from a week ago. New doodles, old doodles. All the live long day. :)

The cool part of this post is we have a guest artist. Gary Peiffer has been part of this blog since the very early days. Recently he told me that he wanted to see a turn around of one of my tikis because he does woodcarving and he wanted to take a shot at it. I posted the turn around a little while back and then last week he sent me pictures. WooHoo! It's a wood carved tiki action figure with moveable arms!

To go with the pictures below, I asked Gary a couple of questions about his wood carving background. He told me in an email that he has been carving off and on since the early 1990s. He has had some training from instructors and some help from members of a carving club he belongs to. Typically he carves in basswood because the tight grain makes it easy to carve with a sharp knife. And he said all future tiki guys will be carved in basswood. That's right, he said "future tiki guys".  :) To see more of Gary's work, go to his website at There are some amazing pieces on his site. Thanks for sharing your talent with us Gary, and thanks for picking one of my tiki guys for your subject. This guy looks great!!!

Photos and artwork © 2011 Gary M. Peiffer

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Lil Timber Wolf & Guest Artist Dakota Gonzales

Timber Wolf © DC Comics

Still having fun with the Lil Heroes. They are something I can pick up and put down in between scanning and working. Today I wanted to try a Legionnaire. I know, big surprise. :)

Guest Artist of the Week

I thought I would try something different and special. As I may have mentioned, my daughter Dakota is an artist as well. Though her mother and I have encouraged her artistic endeavors from an early, early age, I have never given her any instruction. She is a self taught artist who specializes in digital painting. So with her permission I thought I would share something she finished last night. Done in Photoshop using a Wacom Tablet and her MacBook Pro laptop.

Artwork © 2010 Dakota Gonzales

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