Sue Storm - Warm Up Sketch

Sue Storm © Marvel Entertainment

A warm up sketch of Sue Storm done this morning. Most of my warm ups are digital but today I felt like getting my hands dirty. I based it loosely on a photo of Ann-Margret from the 1960s. Check my Art for Sale page if you interested in purchasing it.

Graphite and white Prismacolor pencil on 8.5" x 11" tan sketch paper.

Fairy - work in progress 3

Artwork © 2012 Gene Gonzales

Amazing how a hair style can change the look of a face. I didn't do too much to her today except play with her hair.

Love working digital in that I can do stuff like this on a whim. Hate working digital in that I can do stuff like this on a whim. :)

More later.

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Fairy - work in progress

Art © Gene Gonzales

This is a piece I started playing with today. I will be working on it bit by bit this week in between two commissions. The pencil sketch was done in a sketchbook and I am using that for the digital creation. More later.

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Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

I always try to do something special for the first page of a new sketchbook because it could all be down hill from then on. So for the new sketchbook I started today, I rendered Gidget, our English Bulldog.

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