HeroesCon 2015 - Final

Here are the last of the pieces done for or at HeroesCon. If I didn't include yours it just means I neglected/forgot to take a picture at the show or scan it in advance. If you have a picture/scan of the art that you would like me to share send it to me. Enjoy!




Starfire & Robin

Supergirl riding comet (Crisis Era)

Supergirl evening gown (Adventure Comics 402)




All characters © their respective owners

Mary Jane Watson - The new Nightcrawler?

Mary Jane © Marvel Entertainment

This piece was done at MegaCon and I forgot to take a picture. Lucky the internet has been invented. :)

It's always fun and interesting to see the different art themes that people collect. The idea for this is Mary Jane in a Nightcrawler costume. The tough part with drawing Mary Jane in black and white is she needs some kind of Spider-Man reference to put her in context. Webbing is a good way to go. In regards to Nightcrawler, I know his tail is part of him and not the costume, but I thought it would be fun to have MJ concerned with the sudden addition of a tail when she put on the costume. As you might be able to tell I had fun doing this.

Ink on a Marvel sketch cover

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MegaCon 2014 - Post Game Show

Wow, what a show MegaCon turned out to be. Record breaking attendance. Lots of nice folks. And a fun weekend. Thanks to everyone who came by to say "hi" and to all those that picked up some art, print or books. Below is a sampling of the art I did for the show, both before and during. I missed taking pictures of most of them so I hope they show up somewhere on the web.

All characters © their respective owners

Looking forward to next year. Onward to HeroesCon in June!

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