Black Cat - Warm Up Sketch

Black Cat © Marvel Entertainment

A warm up sketch from this morning that got just a bit more complicated than planned. Went in with an ink brush and some white acrylic paint on this one. You can own the original if you like. Check out the Art for Sale page.

Green Arrow - Mischief Warm-Up Sketch

Green Arrow © DC Comics

A warm up sketch I did in the Mischief art application. Anyone who knows me from when I was in grade school knows was an impact Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams run on Green Lantern/Green Arrow had on me. I didn't discover it until it was cancelled, but before the relaunch happened with O'Neil and Grell. The first issue I read was where Ollie finds out his ward, Roy, is a junkie. I was blown away. Just blown away. I reread that book so many times. I still have some copies of the run, along with the reissue comics, the two paperback versions, the hardcover omnibus thing and then the digital versions. Great run.

Sue Storm - Warm Up Sketch

Sue Storm © Marvel Entertainment

A warm up sketch of Sue Storm done this morning. Most of my warm ups are digital but today I felt like getting my hands dirty. I based it loosely on a photo of Ann-Margret from the 1960s. Check my Art for Sale page if you interested in purchasing it.

Graphite and white Prismacolor pencil on 8.5" x 11" tan sketch paper.

Ralph Dibny - The Elongated Man

Elongated Man © DC Comics

Just a warm up sketch done in Manga Studio EX5. I have some brushes created by Frenden that I really like. They mimic the way I would ink with a brush. More warm ups to come. I am also doing these in Manga Studio to become better at navigating around the program. Right now for Perils on Planet X, I am doing about 75% of my pencils digital and then inking traditionally. I plan to do all my  future work at 100% digital pencils and mix up the inks between digital and traditional.

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