Commission - WIP

Art © 2012 Gene Gonzales

I am continuing work on a commission that I will have finished before December 1 and the beginning of the Conventionless Convention Sketches. Above is a detail of a new pose for the star of the commission.

The Conventionless Convention Sketches sold out in record time. I think it was just over 24 hours from the official announcement. A big thank you to everyone that is participating and to those that got the word out. I will post a list of the characters you can expect to see as soon as everyone gets their choices to me. I think I have 12 pending at this point.

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Ralph and Sue Dibny - Work in Progress

Ralph and Sue Dibny © DC Comics

Blocked in some colors for our favorite couple. Sorry there has been such a delay in progress. It's one of those projects that isn't for anyone but me and I tend to put my projects last if I have time. I did capture the progress again and will make the video available soon.

So I got the iPhone 5 on Friday. Yes, I love it. I had the iPhone 4, skipping the 4S so this was a nice bump up for me. Deena got her too, thankfully. She was a bit more obsessive about it than I. :) One new fun function is a panorama feature to the camera. Yes, there are apps that do this, I know. Not here to argue the merits of any of them. I just think this is fun. I snapped this photo of my studio in full mess glory. I added some notes about some of the stuff there. The photo is pretty big so you may see things I didn't tag. All fun.

© 2012 Gene Gonzales

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Ralph and Sue Dibny - Work in Progress

Ralph and Sue Dibny © DC Comics

Started a new project today. Couple of dozen or so rough illustrations have to be done over the next couple of weeks. Gonna be fun. But nothing is as much fun as dropping in on this couple and adding a little more to the image. I didn't have much time to work on it but I made time to add some background details. Not done yet, but getting there. Once again I recorded the process and will show it at a later date.

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Ralph and Sue Dibny - Work in Progress

I've been a bit busy but I have in no way given up on this piece. I have been frustrated with my quest to create the right digital "brush" to get the look I want. There is a slickness that can happen when digitally inking, either in vector or pixel based apps that I am trying to avoid. Here is an example of two different brushes and attempts.

Above is a detail of what I did today. I completely started over using a brush that is more like a pencil. If you click on the image and look you will probably notice the edges of the lines have a bit of a jaggedness to them. And for some reason this brush reacts different as I draw. Though that is probably in my head. But there seems to be something more organic in the top image compared to the image below.

Below is a detail of the piece from earlier this month. I am using a brush I created that makes lines like I am inking. But because it is an "ink" brush, I feel like I have less control over the lines. It just slips away from me. Long strokes become difficult and every uncertainty in the stroke shows. 

Ralph and Sue Dibny © DC Comics

I'm just gonna keep plugging away at this. :)

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Ralph and Sue Dibny - Work in progress - Inks

Elongated Man and Sue Dibny © DC Comics

I am recording the work in progress of this piece, but I am going to save all of it and edit it for one big recording. In the meantime I will share some shots in progress. I took all the extra elements away and I am focusing on just Sue and Ralph. I plan to do the same with the rest of the elements. The car, the background and the magazine will all be separate files of line art to be put together when each is finished.

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Ralph and Sue Dibny - Work in progress

Elongated Man and Sue Dibny © DC Comics

This will be the next digital piece I will be working on from time to time. I've always had a fondness for this couple. Not so much when Sue worked with the JLI, but back when the two of them had their own adventures. And yes, I realize I put a 1963 Corvette on the cover of a 1961 magazine. I can either change the date or just assume that Sue, with all her money and connections, managed to get herself a concept car. :)

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The Doom Patrol - Work in progress

I thought I would present the work in progress as a slide show this time. If you go to full screen mode, I'm afraid I used too small of a file size and it will be a bit blurry. Sorry about that. I will remember to do it differently next time. If you just want to see where I am at right now on the piece, below is a larger image to review.

The Doom Patrol © DC Comics

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