HeroesCon 2015 - Final

Here are the last of the pieces done for or at HeroesCon. If I didn't include yours it just means I neglected/forgot to take a picture at the show or scan it in advance. If you have a picture/scan of the art that you would like me to share send it to me. Enjoy!




Starfire & Robin

Supergirl riding comet (Crisis Era)

Supergirl evening gown (Adventure Comics 402)




All characters © their respective owners


Zatanna © DC Entertainment

I was never a big fan of this costume (the original fishnet version being my introduction to the character probably has something to do with that) but it does have a special place in my life:

The very first comic book professional I met was Gerry Conway. Gerry did a signing at Passport Comics in North Hollywood. I brought some comics for him to sign and was surprised he had a stapled script of the issue where this costume debuted. And the comic hadn’t come out yet!!!! It was months away. I bought two scripts from him for $10. I had never read a comic script before and it was fascinating. Then the comic came out and I was surprised how I had seen all the art in my minds eye months before.

Below is a picture of the scripts. I came across them during a move and tweeted the photos to Gerry. He seemed to have gotten a kick out of seeing them again.

Zatanna - Video Process

Just a little process video today. I have had more than a few requests to show how I build the structure of a piece so here you go. I didn't think to record until I was about 2 minutes into it. Sorry about that. :) Click on YouTube logo or Full Screen to get to a full screen mode.

Zatanna © DC Comics

You can check out my YouTube channel for more process vids. And I promise to get back to Ralph and Sue real soon. :)

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ZATANNA - HeroesCon Advance Sketch

Zatanna © DC Comics

I will try to share more pieces from HeroesCon 2012 over the next few days while I catch up with a sketch card set and other work. If I did a piece for you at the show, please send me a scan or good photo so I can share it here. I was a bit off my game at the show and forgot to take photos of the pieces I did. Oy.

First up is a Zatanna Canson Cutie. I haven't done too many of these lately and managed to line up two for the show of Zatanna. This one was done for Joe. Thanks Joe!

Mixed media on 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

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